4 Things You Need to Consider with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web based analytics service owned by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in 2005 and Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the internet.

By using Google Analytics you can gain access to in depth statistics from everything to user’s gender, location, method of reaching your website, how long they visited your website, how many links they clicked on and so many more.

This article will be going through some of these statistics and how modifying them can have a drastic difference on visitors to your site and how often your page gets seen.

Device of User

Analysing where your website visitors come from can help you both tailor content to grow those groups and strengthen your content on platforms that aren’t performing as well.

You can also see the average session duration for desktop users has gone up from 05:09 to 09:07 in the last two months, so clearly whatever the website owner is doing on their website is keeping visitors there a lot longer.

For example as you can see the average session duration for mobile phones is between 00:40 – 00:50 seconds so if you were trying to grow your mobile audience you would create more short form content either pictures or videos.


Location of User

By assessing the location of your website visitors using Google Analytics you can understand better where visitors are coming from as well as where the most people in other countries visit your site.

By having access to this tool you should first ensure that the country with the highest number of visits is the country in which you primarily conduct your business.

You can then start working on gaining traction in countries you could see your business operating in, or alternatively if one of the highest ranking countries on your list speaks a different language you could potentially start tailoring content in the given language.


How they got to your Website

By filtering your website activity by the source you can easily see how people are getting to your website, the amount of pages that they click on, the new users, the amount of visitors and the average session duration of each visitor.

By having access to data regarding how people are getting to your website you can tailor or adjust the amount of content and the type of content you push out to all your different channels.

For example if a majority of website visitors come from Direct than you are doing fairly well whenever people look for your website in particular.

Also if you were getting a very small amount of traffic coming from Social (social media) then you might be either;

  • Not posting enough / no consistent publishing schedule
  • Posting too often or spamming people
  • Not posting the right content for the right place
  • Not varying the content up

What did they click on your Website?

By knowing the exact path that visitors took and which pages they went to using the Google Analytics tool  you can better understand the most popular pages on your website and what content they have in them.

For example if you have a page with “10 tips you need to know” and it is by far the most visited page on your site, you either need to create similar content or feature the 10 tips in another content piece.

If you can see that a majority of people stay for only 1 or 2 clicks on your website, then you probably aren’t engaging with that person or capturing their attention, so you might need to make it easier for someone to find something they relate to or make content that is simpler to grasp and engage with.

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Posted by: Kym Hef