5 Reasons to Reconsider Print Marketing Today

Print is still a very important communication and branding medium for many businesses and in many cases can have an even bigger impact on your clients and prospects than the more popular social media and digital marketing. For this episode of The Marketing Strategy Show Kym is joined by Paul Diener from PRD Print to discuss 5 facts about Printing and how you can use them to influence or shape your marketing.

Fact 1: 94% of multi-channel marketing campaigns feature print marketing

Print marketing is undoubtedly one of the fundamental facets of a multi-channel marketing campaign but why?

Simply put, you want to be reaching your ideal client / target audience on the platform that they respond to the most and no form or marketing gets a better response than print marketing.

Some of the top reasons people use print marketing in their marketing campaigns are;

  • Print increases online searches
  • Consumers are more engaged with the product or service
  • It has a high potential for creativity
  • There is generally stronger memory recall when comparing physical mail to social media posts or emails
  • There is a stronger sense of legitimacy than a regular email (as physical mail can’t be construed as spam and therefore can’t be lost in a sea of emails)

Fact 2: 90% of consumers value addressed and non-addressed mail over social media advertising

A lack of trust in the internet and social media sites to provide fair and balanced perspectives has likely led to an overwhelming majority of people valuing addressed mail over social media advertising as there is the perception of authenticity from physical mail.

Some of the core reasons people prefer physical mail are;

  • It provides an 100% reach
  • Everyone’s physical letterbox has become less cluttered
  • A Letterbox is visited/checked everyday
  • A letterbox is often visited by more than one person per household/business
  • It provides mass one-to-one contact

Fact 3: 77% of millennials pay attention to direct mail advertising

This is an extremely important statistic to take into consideration as most businesses and organisations would assume that Social media or another digital channel would be the best method of reaching a younger target audience. 

However research has found that Millennials like to hold print in their hands, read it , smell it, use it to link to a video or coupon, take it to the store with them and share it with friends. [1] 

However 48% of millennials ignore their email address inboxes all together. With the information age came an endless supply of information and data for anyone to browse over but with so much information out there how can people tell the difference between the truth and a well put together “fake story.

Trust is a big factor online. You trust that the people and pages you follow will give you relevant and correct information and you trust the companies who’s emails you receive to send you relevant and up to date product information and specials.  Print has a higher trust factor. 

Fact 4: 82% of people recall names from Paper

Whereas only 42% remembered names from email [2]. Easily being able to recall your product, service or organisation’s name will help immensely with prospects and potential clients and physical mail is no doubt the best way to go for brand recall.  Almost double the amount of people are able to recall a name for something they’ve read off print when compared with people reading names off emails.

Another staggering statistic to consider is that people are three times more likely to immediately delete or discard an email than they are with a paper statement or printed marketing material [3]. This quite clearly illustrates that people trust and value physical mail much more than emails.

Fact 5: 81% of consumers have read addressed or unaddressed mail in the last 7 days[4]

Further proving the power of physical mail is the fact that over four fifths of the Australian population has read mail in the past week (which far exceeds the reach of any other marketing methods available in Australia. 

Another point that also illustrates peoples preference towards addressed and unaddressed mail is the fact that 77% of the population has read a newspaper, 68% has read magazine and 53% has read a catalogue.

What’s Next

So now you know these 5 facts and have considered the power of print, what can you do about it? We have put together a checklist of 44


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[1] Source: ­­Quad/Graphics: Millennials : An Emerging Powerhouse

[2] Source: KMP Economics Study

[3] Source: KMP Economics Study

[4] Source: Roy Morgan Research Institute


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