Are You Confusing Your Prospects?

Marketing Consistency is having customers and prospects see the same look, tone and message wherever they see your Marketing communications. Marketing Consistency has always been important, but the findings of a Google study, called the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), now make consistency essential in all your “to market” communications.

So what did the ZMOT study discover? In just one year from 2010 to 2011, prospects had doubled the number of sources they researched before they bought a product or service, no matter whether it was a consumer or business purchase.

In 2010 customers researched at least five sources of information before they bought a product or service but by 2011 that had doubled to ten sources of information. My guess is that has increased even further with the growing use of mobile devices.

So what does that mean to your business or practice?

As you read this your prospects (and even your existing customers) are doing their research in multiple places. So to engage them, your pitch or message must be clear and appealing no matter where they look for information. And getting your Marketing Communications strategy and Brand message (logos, look and feel, words, tag-lines and tone) consistent in all the places they look for information is critical.

If you don’t, prospects and customers will be confused about what you offer. Then you risk them going to competitors who have a clear and consistent message across multiple locations where they search for information.

How can you create Marketing Consistency?

Here’s a simple 5-step action plan to get you on the road to marketing consistency in your communications:

  1. Define your key target customers and what problems they are looking to solve when they are buying your product or service.
  2. State clearly how your product or service solves their needs. This is your sales proposition.
  3. Compile a complete list of every communication your customers and prospects see. This includes your website, company social media profiles, staff social media profiles, product brochures, emails, business cards, promotional material, letterhead, invoices, presentations, proposals, mobile, directory listings, ads, online and even signage.
  4. Now check every one of your communications consistently reflects your sales proposition – not only with the overall message but also with the same look and feel and tone as well.
  5. Make a list of what needs to be improved and then work through your list starting with the main external communications first – your website, social media business cards and proposals.

Now you are well on the way to ensuring consistency in your marketing communications and ensuring you attract your key prospects and customers.


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