Effective Marketing Plans

The Marketing Strategy Co works with businesses and professional practices and develops practical Marketing Plans tailored to their business or practice.

Many businesses and practice owners get sold on the next “shiny” Marketing tactic when really having an effective marketing strategy is the most important aspect of any successful marketing implementation.

Before you decide on your website, product brochure or any social media accounts, you need to develop and commit to a marketing strategy that includes your overall objectives, who your target customers are, what they need, what products or services will fill that need and only then what marketing activities will help engage them.

Finally you need to measure what works and doesn’t then adjust your tactics to do more of what works.

That’s why working with The Marketing Strategy Co team to develop and implement your Marketing Plan makes sense. Once we know your business goals and who the ideal customers are, we can find the perfect pitch to engage them in the most cost-effective places they search for information.

We remove the confusion of whether to use the web, seo, social, mobile, direct marketing, referrals, advertising or the myriad of other marketing options. The Marketing Strategy Co team has no bias towards any option because we just want the best mix to attract new revenues for your business in the most cost-effective way.

Our Marketing Plans are comprehensive and cover:

Business Revenue Analysis

Customer and Product Analysis

Brand and Positioning Audit

Past marketing activity analysis

Target market analysis and prioritisation

Competitor Analysis

Business and Product Positioning

Communications Strategy – Offline, Digital, Social and Partner

Step by Step Marketing Action Plan and Budget

Marketing Results Dashboard

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