The Best Way to Market a Business

It doesn’t matter if you are the Director of the company, a Marketing Manager in the business or a Marketing partner like an SEO consultant, Website designer, Graphic designer or Copywriter this is a critical question to be able to answer

The Magic Question

“What’s the best way to Market my business?”

This is the magic question that I get asked at every networking function, face to face meeting or Online forum.

So What is the Answer?

First of all, make sure your Marketing is based on fundamentals rather than just publishing content on websites, social channels and in printed material.

Here’s 5 fundamentals we like to consider:

  1. Your business needs to be known;
  2. For serving a profitable market;
  3. By solving their business problems;
  4. Through supplying great products and services;
  5. And building ongoing business relationships.

Fundamental 1: Your business needs to be known

To get your business known you ideally need to create a brand and messages that can be easily communicated. Also the messages need to be consistent across all your digital, social and offline communication channels and follow a regular communications schedule. Your Brand strategy should be a key part of your Marketing Plan as outlined in our free Marketing Plan Roadmap template.

Fundamental 2: For serving a profitable market

Serving a profitable market means understanding who your key profitable customers and focusing your marketing on getting more leads, clients and ongoing business.

The temptation is to focus on markets that seem appealing (but may not be profitable) so it’s important you do a thorough analysis of your existing customers and prioritise your marketing.

Fundamental 3: By solving their problems

Just promoting your business and its products/services is not enough. You need to research and understand what real business problems do you solve for your customers. Also be clear whether the problem is a “nice to solve” or “essential to solve” problem they will pay money to solve.

Sometimes they are problem that are known and sometimes they are problems that they are unaware of  – but either way get clear on the problems so your Marketing can communicate this.

Fundamental 4: Through supplying great products and services

Good marketing can’t help if you have a poor product or service. But good product/service development and customer feedback can. So make sure you get regular feedback from clients.

Also create testimonials/case histories that support your product/service claims.

Fundamental 5: Building better business relationships

We have all know that it’s cheaper to retain and increase sales from existing clients than attracting and nurturing leads to become clients. This requires a planned focus on ongoing sales account management as well as ensuring your marketing is focused on pot-sale as well as post-sale. Your Sales and Account Management strategy should be a key part of your Marketing Plan as outlined in our free Marketing Plan Roadmap template.

So what is the best way to Market your Business?

So back to the question, what is the best marketing. The answer is – marketing that takes into account these 5 fundamentals of:

  1. Your business needs to be known;
  2. For serving a profitable market;
  3. By solving their problems;
  4. Through supplying great products and services; and
  5. Building ongoing business relationships.

So how do you ensure your marketing is taking these fundamentals in account? Take a hard look and ask is your Marketing Plan addressing all these fundamentals or it just a communications and content schedule.

If your Marketing Plan takes into account all the fundamentals – fantastic. If not develop a Marketing Plan that addresses all five fundamentals. Then you will be doing the right marketing for your Business. A great place to start is our Marketing Roadmap checklist. You can download a copy here.

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